Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas sweater!

I don't know if I've said it before, but I am a huge fan of all those tacky Christmas sweaters and I'm not afraid to admit it. Obviously I blame Bridget Jones movie for it, because ever since I saw Colin Firth wearing that silly reindeer sweater (I know you know which one) I knew I had to have one. So this year I finally found one (sadly no reindeer on it, but I promise to get myself one for the next year) and for the past couple of days it has been a great companion of mine.

Among all of amazing presents I got for Christmas, the one that made me happy the most is this little disposable camera, bought to me by my friend Ana. It is a part of a Pull & Bear perfume package and Ana said that she absolutely had to get if for me as soon as she saw the little trashy camera inside. We took several pictures on Christmas night and are saving the rest for the New Year's Eve of course. Can't wait to see how they turn out :)

Christmas sweater - Terranova
Lipstick - Max Factor



  1. That sweater is adorable! And I am so in love with your heels!

    Kisses, Lucy!

  2. cute sweather.. :)
    ne znam jesi li primjetila, ali imamo iste naslove zadnjeg posta :)

  3. super cute sweater! and I love the shoes too

  4. pa djemper nije toliko tacky bar ne na tebi :D a stikle su prekrasne

  5. Volim božićne džempere! <3 :D

  6. beautiful pictures!:)i love this outfit!

  7. Super ti je džemper, imala sam sličan (ali sa irvasima, ha!). Srećan Božić, draga Matea <3

  8. Paz da nogu ne polimiš u tim petama :D Al divne su *_* ♥ glitter ♥ Sad moram pogledati Bridget Jones da znam kakav je pulover u pitanju xD

  9. Foto carinissime (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog dedicato ad alcuni regali
    di Natale e non solo, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi:

  10. Thanks a lot for your nice comment :D These shoes are stunning :)

    Bisous! Marie

  11. Awww...your Christmas sweater looks divine on you {I love the way it matches your lippy}; and those heels are just exquisite! :)

  12. Hrabra ženo, pa to još do sada nitko nije priznao javno! :D Šalim se, i meni su totalno slatki!

  13. Love your shoes!!!

    new post on Stand Out... take a look!

  14. Love the blog hun :) it looks amazing!

    Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know so I can follow back x


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