Thursday, November 22, 2012

little things

This weather is driving me crazy. It's way too hot for this time of year, you almost don't feel as if Christmas is just around the corner. My closet, just like my head, became one big mess because you never know what type of weather will the new day bring.
In here you can see me wearing my favourite H&M Divided sweater bought last year. I simply adore it.

When wedge sneakers first showed up I hated them. Really, I thought they were the ugliest shoes ever (after Crocs) but as time passed by and more and more types of them were popping up literally everywhere I started to change my mind. So, one day I decided to try them on just to see what the fuss is all about. I ended up buying two pairs, black and red. Now I can say they are the most comfortable sneakers ever, I feel so great wearing them.

I was wearing:
H&M Divided sweater
H&M headband
H&M bag
Mango jeans
Deichmann sneakers
colorful scarf is a gift from my dad

(photos taken by Mario with Canon EOS 7D, edited by me in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom)

Friday, November 16, 2012

let's talk movies

U zadnja dva dana sam promijenila toliko odjeće, a nijednom se nisam fotkala. Prvo sam jurila u kazalište na premijeru pa nisam imala kad, onda sam zaglavila s poslom, onda je pao mrak, pa opet mrak i tako unedogled. No, poanta svega je da se ne želim siliti fotkati apsolutno sve u čemu hodam okolo, previše volim svoju odjeću da bi od nje napravila takvu naviku i obavezu.

In the last couple of days I've changed so many outfits without taking picture of any of them. First there was the opening night at the theatre and I was in such a hurry so photographing wasn't an option. Then came the night, because days flow by so fast...and then the night again. But the main thing about it all is the fact that I don't want to force myself into taking pictures of everything I walk in, I love my clothes way too much to create a habit out of it.

Petak je navečer i sjedim doma, mrtva umorna. Jedva sam dočekala vikend kojeg zadnja dva tjedna uopće nisam imala. Sutra neću raditi ništa. Jednako kao i prekosutra. Fotkati ću i lutati okolo. Mozak na pašu. No prije nego što nestanem za večeras, ostavljam vam dva kratka filma, moja dva filma koja smo konačno stavili na Vimeo. Pa da vidite što ja to zapravo radim i kako to izgleda.

It's Friday night and I'm sitting at home, tired. I could't wait for the end of the week to come because for the last couple of weeks I didn't have the weekend, it was all work work work. So tomorrow I'll do nothing. And the day after as well. Nothing but wonder around and take pictures. Before I disappear for tonight, I'm leaving you with my 2 short films that have finally been put up online. So you can now finally see what I really do and what it looks like. Hope you like it!

These two short films have been made for the permanent exhibition for the Šibenik Museum. One of them is about deadly attack of the plague in the 17th century, which killed almost everyone in town (around 10 000 inhabitants were killed, only about 1 500 of them managed to survive). The second one is focused on the day when italian admiral Pisani attacked town and burned it to the ground.

Ova dva filmića su snimana za stalni postav Muzeja grada Šibenika, jedan je o velikoj epidemiji kuge koja je u 17-om stoljeću pokosila grad i usmrtila gotovo sve stanovnike (oko 10 000, ostalo ih je oko 1 500), a drugi je o napadu talijanskog admirala Pisanija na Šibenik u 14-om stoljeću, kad je spalio čitavi grad i ostavio prah i pepeo iza sebe. Pa da ne duljim, pustiti ću sliku da govori svoje, ako budete imali ikakvih pitanja, samo naprijed :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

there and back again - the travel diary

You know how much I love my sunglasses and how I can't leave the house without them?
Well, I left the house without them.
I left the country without them.
Imagine how 'happy' I was.
And that's how my trip started.
So, there was the fantastic four of us, three countries, seven cities and 3 000 km ahead of us.
I enjoyed every single day, every new place and people I met along the way, food not so much until we came to Vienna but I successfully managed to avoid McDonald's, Burger King, Subway and Starbucks temptations and tried every new food. Because I love discovering new and different things.
Little dark chocolate cakes in Vienna, mmmmm.


Gas station somewhere between Hungary and Austria.

Subotica survival kit

Novi Sad, delicious.

I don't have many (almost any) pictures from our first couple of days because everything was happening super fast and I just didn't have time to take pictures. 
But then we came to Budapest and I just stopped. And looked around. And admired everything.

When it comes to fashion related part of the journey things are very simple.
Since you start your day at 5 in the morning and end it at night, you go for complete simplicity. The most important thing is that you're warm and cosy, because, you know, it's a loooong day when you're shooting around. Thank God for these H&M  pink gloves and hat, so warm.
Parliament in Vienna

And the cutest for the end, the teddy bear exhibition in Vienna. I want them all.


Friday, November 2, 2012

on the road again

...all my bags are packed and I'm ready to go....
I'm sitting on my bed staring at the mess in front of me. In only couple of hours I'm leaving for Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna and Zagreb. I'll be absent for around 10 days so if you don't see me posting anything during that time - don't panic, it just means that I'm too exhausted from filming or that I'm unable to find a decent wi-fi connection. 

Spakirala sam sve stvari (stoput sam provjerila putovnicu) i sad trenutačno sjedim na krevetu gledajući u sav nered ispred sebe. Ogromna torba, odjeća u kojoj ću putovati, moja ručna torba, punjači svih boja i namjena, jakne, sve stvari koje se inače tu nalaze. Ukratko, kaos. Za par sati krećem via Beograd - Budimpešta - Beč - Zagreb i biti ću odsutna nekakvih 10ak dana, tako da, ako u to vrijeme ne vidite ovdje nikakav novi post, to ne znači da sam zbrisala već jednostavno da sam ili preumorna od snimanja ili nisam u mogućnosti pronaći normalan wi - fi.

I was pretty inspired by Kerouac today so I made some posters.

(pictures taken with iPhone 4s, edited in Photoshop CS6)
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