Monday, January 28, 2013

winter blues

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Za početak, moram se pohvaliti da sam i ja dobila nagradicu :) kod Selme sam se 'borila' za najslađeg medu na svijetu i ne mogu vjerovati da je onaj random na kraju ipak odabrao mene. Ovo mi je prvi put da sam nešto dobila (i još k tome medu) pa imajte razumijevanja za moje veselje.

Inače, ponedjeljak je, i dalje je zima mada mi je sasvim svejedno jer sjedim u montaži i pripremam materijal za novi projekt. Vikend je proletio strašno brzo (kao i svaki vikend uostalom), izdogađalo se puno stvari, napričala sam se s ljudima, nasmrzavala se, pojela tonu krumpirića u Meku i taman kad je postalo odlično stigao je ponedjeljak. 

Već sam u prošlom postu imala ovaj H&M džemperić koji mi je postao najdraža zimska stvar u ormaru. Doslovno ga već danima ne skidam sa sebe, savršen je, mekan, topao, a i platila sam ga 50 kn na sniženju. Ljubav.


And so Monday came and I'm back at work, preparing a new project. After two lovely days spent hanging out with friends and family, running around town taking pictures and eating fries at McDonald's it was time to get back to the real life.
 It's still very cold outside but since I'm sitting in a warm editing room I don't really care about the weather conditions. As long as the weekend is sunny I'm fine. 
In here you can see me wearing my latest H&M purchase, the black and white sweater which I simply adore. I've been wearing for days, I must admit, because it's so warm and perfect. 

Beanie - Amelie
Scarf - local store
Gloves - Bershka
Sweater - H&M
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Leggings - Zara
Bag - H&M
Boots - Replay


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Preppy love

I bought these pants at H&M couple of days ago and they have been my favourite thing ever since. Finally I've found a proper replacement for all my skinny jeans, as they have slowly started getting on my nerves. I guess when you wear something similar every single day there comes a time when you desperately need a change. For me those pants are that - a great change. And they kind of remind me of that Annie Hall mood.

Hope you've had a great weekend :)

Pants - H&M
Shoes - Diesel
Sweater - Tally Weijl
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Beanie - Miss Selfridge
Scarf - local store


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The most beautiful sunset ever

In the past year I've learned to carry my camera everywhere with me because you never really know when something eye catching and beautiful might show up. Most of the time it's not about photographing the outfit of the day or new stuff bought, it's about capturing fragments of life I find wonderful, worth snapping and that are able to transfer you an emotion or a certain kind of story. Obviously that's what photography means to me. So today, let me show you something breathtaking, the scenes of sunsets of the past two days. Without any color post production. Pure and captivating colors. Sky at its full strength. And if anyone still wonders, I was wearing my studded boots and Tommy Hilfiger jacket :)

(all pictures taken by me using Canon EOS 7D)

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