Friday, March 27, 2015

How to stay calm when you're too busy to breathe?

It's Friday, almost noon and I'm in my pajamas, feeling completely beaten up after finishing several huge project I've been working on non-stop for the past few weeks. My hair's a mess, my neck hurts and my eyes are so tired from staring in a monitor for more than 10 hours a day, almost without taking a break (except when Frida needed to go out). On top of all that, I also had classes everyday and to kill my spirit even better - tomorrow I have a thing for uni that will take my entire day. Care to know how I stayed positive about everything in the process?

1. Know when to stop
You start working at 8 in the morning and all of a sudden it's midnight and you feel like your head's gonna explode? Stop right there and go to bed. Don't check your Instagram feed, just go straight to bed. Everything else will still be there for you in the morning.

2. Prioritize
Be well aware of the deadlines and the amount of work you have for a certain project. Write everything down then divide the work into sections and start from the longest and toughest one. When, at some point, you hit a wall (which will inevitably happen), take a short break and think about something else until your mind recharges a bit. 

3. Drink water and don't forget to get out of the house
Not only your brain will work faster and better, but you'll also feel refreshed. 

4. You will make it
Stress makes your creative process difficult so don't worry, because you will make it in time. With the right organization from the beginning there's no need to stress about time. Forget about the clock or the calendar and just focus yourself on the work in front of you. Do I have to remind you that you love your job? Well then, nothing good comes without hard work.

5. Listen to your favorite music
The key to this is - whatever makes you happy and motivated - turn it up when you feel drained. Sing along, dance like no one's watching (because no one really is) until you feel good again.

6. Stretch
Every once in a while get up from your computer and do some basic stretching, your body will be grateful.

7. Remember why you started in the first place
Whenever in the process I felt like I want to give up, I remembered how much I love my job and how hard I've fought for every project I did so far. And somehow it gives me strenght to work more.

8. Don't forget your loved ones
Call your best friends, cuddle with your man, play with your pet because all of that will take your mind off work related things but will also bring a huge smile up on your face. Never underestimate the power of love.

9. Sleep tight
Turn off any sounds on your phone and simply allow yourself to relax and recharge over night.

10. When it's all done, take a few days off
I personally have no idea when will I be able to do this, but I can cut some things in a day and squeeze in more time for myself. How? Skip a few classes, you'll catch up everything anyways. Make yourself unavailable for some events if you're not extremely interested in them. Put yourself on the first place and just say no if you don't feel like doing something. And the world will still go on.



  1. I always struggle with # 1 - I find it so hard to shut my brain off sometimes!


    1. It's the toughest one for me too :)

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  3. Eto, svi su savjeti apsolutno tocni i isti koje bi ja sebi i drugima dala, ali problem je sto jako cesto, sve ono sto znam u teoriji ne primjenim u stvarnost!
    Znam da bi trebala malo zastati, udahnuti zrak, razbistriti misli, posloziti prioritete, ali jednostavno non stop "trcim" za necim, nesto obavljam...
    Luda ja - ludi svijet! :D

    1. Uvijek je najteže nešto primijeniti na sebi, oo znam :))

  4. Great photos and nice pics! I looove your cute beanie :))

  5. Hvala, ovo je bilo korisno :)

  6. Bravo, draga. Kako motivisuc post. Ja bih kod onog stretching dodala i koju vezbicu. Za ledja, stomak, ruke, nebitno. Meni to uvek iznova pokrene organizam i energiju. I neki dobar smoothie ili prirodan sok. Razbudi u momentu! A kad su me jednom oci bolele od visecasovnog kompjuterizovanja, stavila sam suncane naocare i nastavila da buljim u ekran :)

    1. Puno ti hvala :*
      Eee, smoothie je odličan dodatak svemu ovome, odmah te podigne i vrati raspoloženje :)

  7. odlični savjeti...stvarno je teško nekada ostati motiviran. Ja osobno ne znam odakle mi volja da se više prijavljujem na natječaje, ali to činim redovito i svakog valjda će jednoga dana i od toga nešto biti:) Od puno sam stvari u životu odustala, a onda ponovo nastavila..i mislim da kad nam je nešto važno, onda se oko toga treba potruditi, ma koliko se toga morali zbog toga odreći.

    Fotografije su se odlično uklopile u tekst...sve u svemu, divan post.

    1. Puno ti hvala :)) Stvarno se nadam da će ti se konačno što prije nešto pomaknuti na bolje s natječajima, i neki moji frendovi su isto tako mjesecima svakodnevno muku mučili s njima, stvarno je teško ostati pozitivan, ali ne daj se, nema odustajanja :**


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