Saturday, May 2, 2015


This morning I woke up to yet another rainy and grey day in Rijeka. The first thought which crossed my mind at the moment was ‘oh I can’t wait for the year to pass so I can move back to Zagreb’. It was 8 am.
Then I went to the kitchen where I was faced with the calendar which says May 2nd, with number 1 crossed. I started to think about two huge deadlines I have for my Academy lectures, all coming up in a couple of days. I said to myself again ‘oh my, I can’t wait for this month and then semester to end so I can get rid of all those projects I don’t really care about.’

And then I stopped.
What the hell was I doing to myself? 
I got so caught up in things I don’t like about but cannot avoid doing them which are making me feel weird and nervous that I had started to take my days for granted and lived for the future. Seriously, for the future I don’t even know. 
The worst of all is, I know that so many of us are guilty of the same stupid thing. And that's why I'm writing this post.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and headed back to bed. I decided to shut it all down, to make myself completely unavailable to those silly thoughts. No more negativity, no more worrying. Because there will always be unwanted assignments and things to be done along with tough or annoying people or just any kind of situation which makes you feel like you want to flash forward time to summer days at the sandy beach. When that happens, just stop everything. Look for those little things in a day which bring a smile to your face.

A sunny morning (which I haven’t seen in days and is probably partly responsible for feeling so blue)
Your dog and your man who are always there for you
A cup of tea
A hot shower
A good book / movie (or both)
Working on your blog
Pizza / ice-cream and lazy TV nights
Loud music
Walking your dog 
Talking to a friend
All the things that interest you 
(feel free to add some more)

And just decide that nothing or no one is gonna take those little moments from you. Start enjoying your life and have a great time along the way. Do what you love and try really extra hard, because each day has 24 hours and there's actually plenty of time for everything.

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  1. vrijeme i tako prebrzo prolazi, ne treba ga gonit da prodje prije :)

  2. ovo si stvarno divno napisala..i apsolutno si u pravu...nema smisla previše se brinuti za budućnost jer svakomu danu dosta njegova zla...

    ..i usput obožavam ovu fotografiju..mislim da mi je najdraža iz one serije autoportreta.

    1. puno ti hvala i dobro kažeš, treba probati maksimalno iskoristiti svaki dan i uživati :)
      i meni je ova fotka najdraža iz te serije :)

  3. Lovely picture:)
    Happy weekend,

  4. Such a great post turned out, I enjoyed it very much! I'm quite with you here, we just have to stop taking our life and each days of it for granted, we should appreciate much more what we have and be thankful. And being thankful for what we already have is probably the most powerful positive thinking tool!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you, dear, I'm really glad you liked it! Have a nice day too! :)

  5. Great post hun, I feel the same way sometimes too and all I have to do is just take some time away for myself.

    Hope you'll take the time to check out my blog and let me know what you think! ;)

    Helen xx

  6. This is brilliant! I always find that walking my dog grounds me. :)


    1. Dog walking is the best thing ever! :)

  7. Jako lijepo si to složila.. Događa se svima s vremena na vrijeme, i nije čudno s obzirom na ovakvo tmurno vrijeme i oblake danimaaa.. Meni obično navečer kad legnem krenu brige i gluposti kolati glavom i onda se tako unervozim i ludim što ne mogu zaspati. A za ovaj popis, kao da si mene pitala :) I zaista, život je samo jedan i prebrzo prolazi (ma kad sam samo prije tako ostarila? :D ) i kroz sve obaveze zaboravimo uživati u malim stvarima, koje ga ustvari i čine i jesu najljepše :) Nadam se da će se od sutra i vrijeme proljepšati pa će odmah biti lakše! Šaljem ti jedan veliki virtualni zagrljaj!

    1. Hvala ti :)
      Joj i meni se to događa navečer kad legnem pa si onda nabijem neku nervozu i samo se vrtim okolo. Možda treba početi meditirati ili tako si nekako naučiti smiriti glavu? :) I ja se nadam suncu sutra, ovo vrijeme me je već dotuklo :/

  8. Divan post i svaka ti je na mjestu... da, meni se nekada cini da ce mi zivot proci u tonu vlastitog negodovanja oko stvari koje ne zelim raditi da moram... naravno, ovo "moram" je u nekim slucajevima vise a u nekim manje subjektivno ali opet... Po novom se stvarno trudim biti zahvalna na onome sto imam te uzivati maksimalno u istomu!

  9. I really like this photo.
    I'm your new follower, if you go pass me by!

  10. it's such an important realisation, remembering to appreciate the now. But difficult nonetheless

  11. I really understand what you mean. Today the weather outside is really bad. There are so many things to be done and my mood wasn't the best to begin with when I woke up. But like you said the Little things make life enjoyable. ^-^ So I'll enjoy my Cup of coffee for now and reading your blog :)


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