Sunday, May 10, 2015

Smile, Snap, Sparkle: DIARY

This is the first part of this diary series I've decided to start because I miss writing too much and I'll try to do it once a week.

It's totally unfair how fast the weekend flies by.
I've spent this weekend mostly staring at the computer screen or, better said, at the Final Cut X interface trying to finish a project I can't wait to get rid of. You know that feeling? When you're doing something you dislike and somehow it turns into a neverending story which occupies all of your time. So I can't wait to hand it in tomorrow (it'll be a celebration) and then delete any mention of it from my computer. The crazy thing is, I'm working on it with a great friend from uni but sometimes a great human being just isn't enough when the air around something  sucks.

I've also been writing a pretty complicated seminar paper on telematic performance, a totally insane class I decided to take this semester and the one I enjoy so much because the professor is incredibly awesome. When you put all this together, you can totally understand how I didn't have too much time for my precious blog, which always hurts the most. But I did manage to squeeze in some extra time to think about it and write down some new ideas and inspirations. I'm even thinking of starting an editorial calendar to make sure I always know in advance what I'm doing on a certain day, which can come in handy especially in chaotic times like these.

Other than that, what else did I do?
Walked with Frida. We did that a lot.
And ate ice-cream. And pizza. And chips.
The weather has been amazing but unfortunately I didn't get almost any time to properly enjoy it. I hope you did! :)



  1. Žao mi je zbog "zločestog" projekta! Da, mislim da nema gorega kada se moraš posvetiti nečemu što te čini jadnim i bijednim :( a opet MORAŠ! Super da je to gotovo te se nadam da će sada biti više vremena za tebe i stvari koje voliš te koje te čine sretnom! Veselim se novoj rubrici a nadam se da ćeš nas uskoro i počastiti sa strujom svijesti- one me uvijek natjeraju do suza (u pozitivnom smislu) a i lako se poistovjetim s njima! :) Nadam se ljepšemu tjednu! Pusach

    1. Srećom je sve sjajno prošlo i nakon tonu sati rada i muke, sve je ispalo izvrsno pa sam sad bijes usmjerila na osjećaj ponosa haha :D
      Jooj tok svijesti...i ja već neko vrijeme razmišljam o nastavku te serije, sigurno ću je ubrzo vratiti jer i mene strašno veseli, a drago mi je čuti da i tebe uvijek nasmije :D Pusice!!

  2. Loving this peek into your life! Good luck on writing your paper!


  3. znam kako je kada te neki projekt namuči, ali zato ćeš sada kada si ga se riješila moći malo odahnuti....simpatična mi je ova slika i uvijek me veseli vidjeti što si nam pripremila.

  4. nadam se da je projekt na kraju ispao dobro i da si zaboravila sve muke koje si imala s njim :)


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