Saturday, June 6, 2015

Visting HUM (Istria)

Beautiful nature, deadly temperatures and queen Frida invite you to our Hum diary.
So let's start.

Ever since we moved to Rijeka, Hum has been on my to visit list but somehow we never found time to do it (and winter was shitty with lots of rain and wind so visiting anything was pretty much out of the question), even though it's only an hour away. It is said to be the smallest town in the world with only about 20 people living there (more or less) and it's set in the heart of the Istria region, surrounded by beautiful landscape.

And boy the place is cute. I seriously couldn't believe how small it was, with only two small streets and several houses, but everything is so charming and lovely. 
I've read somewhere that there is a legend which says that Hum was the last of all places created in the area of the river Mirna so there wasn't enough of stone to build it. So the giants took whatever was left from the stone material and decided to build the smallest town in the world. 
And it's fully covered in free wi-fi for those in desperate need of it.

Ever since the summer has arrived, I've decided to stick to basics in terms of personal style. Especially when I'm travelling and photographing, I need my clothes to be simple and light. So say hello to the 'uniform' - white Mango shorts and H&M t-shirt with anchors, my favourite motif. But you know me, I could never leave and oufit in only one tone, it would seem unfinished to me, so that's where my colorful Startas sneakers jump in to save the day. I don't think I even have to mention those Ray-Ban sunnies, I can't imagine a day or an outfit without them. Best sunglasses ever.

Naturally we took queen Frida with us because she's such an adventurer and loves riding in a car. She particularly enjoyed our first stop before entering the town of Hum, but I'm saving that for another post, you'll love it.
If you want to visit Hum, I would strongly advise you to come earlier in the morning (if we're talking about summer) because when the tourists in groups start rushing in with all those flashing cameras and constant noise it becomes pretty much impossible to enjoy the place and its silence. Also, during the morning hours the temperatures are still pretty much normal which is very important if you're bringing your dog along, don't forget that pets feel the heat as well so don't torture them.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. i meni je velika zelja podsjetiti hum! Divna ti je ova ljetna kombinacija, pogotovo su mi za oko zapale startasice....fenomenalne fotografije i savjeti!Frida je preslatka....

    1. Puno ti hvala, drago mi je da ti se post sviđa! :)
      Presladak je Hum, nadam se da ćeš ga imati prilike posjetiti!

  2. Koji prekrasni post, Matea! Nisam nažalost posjetila Hum iako bih vrlo rado jednoga dana (tajna želja- biciklom po unutrašnjosti Istre) :)
    Fotkice su baš prekrasne i baš sam se uživjela... obožavam takva mala piturskna mjestašca, ima lišto slađe? :) Kombinacija je presuper! Vjerovala ili ne, kada god vidim sidro ili natpis "mornar" (na eng.) ili taj neki motiv- pomislim na tebe :) Startasice pašu uz latice, svaka čast! :) Ma predivan post a ti si mi tako lijepa i fresh na fotkicama, ma divna! :)))

    1. Hvala ti puno! :) Joooj sjajna ti je tajna želja, kao i moj roadtrip autom po svim mjestima u Italiji, ma budemo mi to jednom :))

  3. Le sigh...I want to live here. Everything looks so quaint and charming. Such a gorgeous place to visit! Frida looks quite happy about the visit as well!


    1. Oh Frida was so happy there, she loves travelling so much! :)

  4. Predivne fotke, zanimljive price i šarmantno malo mjesto koje bih vrlo rado posjetila! Isto tako mi se jako svidja tvoja uniforma za ovo ljeto. :)

  5. Looks like such a stunning location! A lovely day., xx


  6. Is it really the smallest town in the world?! How interesting! The town looks so cosy and relaxed, I do love such places:) By the way, I noticed that you look a little bit more feminine and gentle on those snapshots than before, I guess the atmosphere of the place influence you in a great way. Am I right?
    In addition, I can't but mention that those photographs turned out so great, you have nice photographic skills!
    Wish you a wonderful day ahead!

    1. It really is the smallest town in the world and experiencing it is really something special :)
      Oh and thank you for the kind words, I think that this gorgeous weather has made a huge impact on me, recently I've been feeling really good :) Hope you've enjoyed the weekend and have a great week ahead! :)

  7. krasne fotke, vidim da se i frida pošteno izguštala :D


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