Saturday, June 27, 2015

MOVIE NIGHT: WELCOME TO ME (croatian only)

Za početak: ja obožavam Kristen Wiig, još otkako sam je ‘otkrila’ u Bridesmaids (što reći, meni je taj film toliko smiješan i zabavan da sam ga čak pogledala par puta) i to je glavni razlog zbog kojeg sam se veselila pogledati ovaj film iako me trailer nije pretjerano oduševio, ali mi je radnja djelovala dovoljno suludo da sam mu odlučila dati šansu. 
Bila sam skeptična, pogotovo nakon što me grozno razočarao njen The Skeleton Twins (ali više o tome u nekom od narednih postova).

Dakle, ako ga već niste pogledali, o čemu se tu uopće radi? 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


And here it is, before I rush off to the Kortil gallery where the second part of our Academy's final exhibition will take place, the pictures from this morning before the opening of the exhibition where I'm showing my photo series about the Rijeka Pet cemetery. I will talk more about the project tomorrow when I show you all the pictures, but for now I'm leaving you with the setup, my happy face and in the end - the outfit post! :D


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Remix & Rewind: Last Summer

Yesterday was the end of our semester at Academy (yaaaay!), which means I have only one more year left before I get my MA degree (yaaaay even more!). I realized how time flew by super quickly and before I knew it, summer arrived and this time by choice I won't be spending it in my hometown, Šibenik. So I decided to reflect a bit on last year and a great summer (in terms of style and everything else) I've had before I've packed my stuff and moved to Rijeka. So let's go!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


There are 30 degrees in my flat right now and my brain is pretty much melting. As I write this post I'm daydreaming of long sandy beaches with clear blue sea and some really cool dresses I'd love to wear while being completely carefree so I've decided to put up a wishlist because under these temperatures there's really nothing smarter I could currently write. I've also included links under the pictures so you can check out more informations about these pretty pretty items.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Visting HUM (Istria)

Beautiful nature, deadly temperatures and queen Frida invite you to our Hum diary.
So let's start.

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