Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Editor's Letter: August

And so it begins, the last real summery month, August, that should be filled with swimming, beach time, ice- cream, great books and above all relaxation and recharging batteries for the upcoming long and moody winter.
While 'everyone' is currently somewhere around Santorini, Maldives, Tulum or Cuba according to the social media, in the reality of normal life and even blogosphere most of us are stuck in the city, in concrete hell, trying to cope with sky high temperatures.
And even though I would prefer to spend these hot days on Vis or Hvar, I actually can't complain about my current 'summer in the city' situation because so far I've been having the best time (let's pretend that those moments when I'm cursing the last floor of the building where we live don't exist).

The whole point of summer is to find some time to relax. Breathe. Feel free. No matter where you are.

My July has been hectic and exhausting.
Pretty much the entire month was dedicated to wrapping up my MA thesis and when that was finally done I said to myself that now is finally the time to put all my efforts and time into the blog (or better said, into photography and writing) but I was actually too tired to even think about it properly.

My mind and body felt drained and sleepy all the time. Lazy. Uninspired. The only thing I truly needed was a big break. From everything and everyone, even things I love doing the most. I'm sure there's loads of you who can completely identify with this feeling. Even though I had no travel plans for the upcoming weeks, I decided that nothing can stop me from taking some good old me time. Or if you really want it, a vacation. So I hit the pause button.

And then, all of a sudden, August happened.

I welcomed it with a messy hair that needed some serious coloring (did it this morning, yay!), turquoise nail polish that needed to be taken off and replaced with the pastel yellow one and in one of my favourite long t-shirts I wear around the house. I made some tea (it's been a while) and surprisingly, words / stories / ideas started to come out unexpectedly.

Remember the summer bucket list I talked about?
Well, I've already crossed a lot of things from it and actually added some new ones as well (let me know if you'd like to hear more about it), which has never happened before.
More than half of the year has officially passed but there are so many blank pages left, waiting to be filled with new stories, dreams and adventures. No need to rush it. Autumn will come and so will Christmas along with many days we're already looking forward to but let's not forget the ones that are happening right now. It would be such a waste to take them for granted.

You know, these ordinary summery days that usually make us feel like doing nothing. The only things on our minds are the seaside, beach, cold drinks, pasta and more pasta, light clothes, long nights, open air movie theatres etc. And sometimes it's perfectly fine to be unproductive.

It's so important to know how to take a break. To stop everything and focus only on ourselves. 

Because afterwards we'll feel better, happier, more inspired and motivated, stronger.

So use the rest of the summer to work on you.
Dance, swim, read, sing, wander around, write, meet new people, have a great time with your friends, be lazy, sleep, do nothing, eat your favourite food, enjoy your own company first so you can fully learn to love the world around you.

And you don't need a fancy location to do all that. And also, not every moment needs to be social media picture perfect or even shared. Leave the phone at home and hit the beach with nothing but a long towel and a bottle of water. Enjoy the present, right where you are and find something beautiful in each and every day.

Be yourself because you're perfect that way. Create your own trends instead of following the ones everyone is already following. Dare to be different. And enjoy the hell out of this summer.




  1. Oh, your words this month resonate so deeply with me. I agree, it's important to know how to take a break. Sadly, I have yet to figure out how to do just that. I have been going, going, going for years. No vacations, no outlet to use as a release from the everyday. I'm really hoping to figure it out and indulge in a little me time someday.

    Enjoy your staycation. Sometimes, just being able to relax in the place where you live allows you to see your surroundings with fresh eyes.


    1. I really hope you'll manage to find some time for a break and quality me time in the near future! xx

  2. posve se slažem sa svime što si napisala. Ne mora svaki trenutak biti ovjekovječen, ne mora sve što radimo završiti na društvenim mrežama....da, super je biti nadahnut i željeti podijeliti puno toga, pisati o svemu i svačemu, ali ponekad je ODMOR ono što nam treba više od svega. Pravi odmor. To nije neko mjesto, to je više stanje svijesti, to je ono kad dozvolimo sebi da se od svega odmorimo. Kao što sam komentirala sa svojom prijateljicom Ivanom ( s kojom sam i išla na odmor na Hvar), treba nam taj tjedan dana u kojem nećemo razmišljati o ničemu osim o tome što ćemo taj dan kuhati, kada se maknuti iz sunca u hlad, kada spremati kavu i koje knjige pročitati. To je to. Mozak nekad jednostavno treba pauzu. Sada kako će točno izgledati ta pauza ovisi o svakom, ali mislim da je dobro malo se maknuti od društvenih mreža i svega toga...barem jednom u godini. Meni je tako dobro došlo što je ispalo da sam cijeli tjedan bila bez interneta i imam dojam da sam se tih tjedan dana baš lijepo odmorila.

    1. Potpisujem sve što si napisala, svima nam ponekad treba pauza i mali odmor od svega. Baš mi je drago čuti da si se lijepo odmorila i opustila na Hvaru, par dana bez interneta može učiniti čuda, u to sam se i sama uvjerila :)

  3. I 100% know the feeling of just needing a break - it's OK to be lazy sometimes! Hope you have a lovely August!
    Amy xx

    1. It sure is! Thanks a lot, Amy and have a great August too! xx

  4. I'm loving your curtains. It still allows sunlight to penetrate the room without too glaring. I could imagine waking up and seeing rays of sunshine beaming in the room from the sheer fabric.


  5. Još jedan tvoj post koji me baš ono-udari gdje treba , kako se kaže! :) Od kada sam pročitala post s Katarinom u kojemu ona govori da joj ti stalno trubiš o vodi i važnosti hidratacije, i meni često zvoni u glavi slično... hahaha! :) Da, slažem se da nekada trebamo uzeti pauzu i dati vremena i sebi i svojim mislima gdje želimo ići i zašto... ja sam baš nekako u toj fazi...

    1. Hvala ti, draga moja! <3 Haha ja s tom vodom i općenito hidratacijom već pomalo izluđujem sve oko sebe, ali ipak mi je drago kad čujem da nekome ipak to zapne za uho (oko)! Samo uživaj u fazi pauze, opusti se i sve će sjesti na svoje točno kad bude trebalo...nekako se tako uvijek stvari poslože! <3

  6. Awe this is amazingly put. August is probably my favourite month, because the weather slowly transitions from basking heat of summer sun, to brisk autumn winds and colourful leaves (not to mention hot chocolate!). My July has been quite chilled out, but now that August is here, I've got the whole month planned out.

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Thanks a lot, Kyia, this really means a lot to me! And yes to everything you said about August, I couldn't agree more! Wishing you a great month ahead! :)

  7. Ja sam najveci deo zivota provela u Beogradu, tako da znam kako je provoditi leto u betonu, haha. Jeste da bih otisla na more, ali to je samo 7-10 dana i to ne svakog leta, plus par puta na bazen. A leto mi je izgledalo tako dugacko, prosto nisam znala cime da ispunim te dane (a sad kada znam, nemam to slobodno vreme).
    I ja praktikujem da se iskljucim, odem na plazu ili u park bez telefona, kamere i ostalog. Kad sam mogla pola zivota bez njih, mogu valjda i pola dana minimum.


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