Monday, October 3, 2016

Editor's Letter: October

Pouring rain, hot mint tea with honey, darker days, first smell of the sweater weather, red Dr. Martens boots, interesting books, cosy blanket, lots of shopping.

In other words, this is how October started for me.

Even though one of the things from my monthly goals list is 'start waking up early', I'm currently not making any progress towards it. It's Monday, outside is so dark that I had to turn on the lights in the room, and even though yesterday I had this fabulous plan to start writing the October post this morning around 8 or 9, I failed miserably.

It's noon and I'm nowhere near finishing it.

The thing is, I love to start my mornings with some light diary writing, followed by some reading (if I have the luxury of that lazyness). But then I also have to take Frida out for a walk and when it's raining heavily like today, everything kind of slows down (except the bloody clock), making me feel like a part of some weird moody fantasy world that has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

Even the upbeat music isn't good enough for this state of mind. I need some Lana Del Ray, Lorde, The Postal Service and even silence.

The transition from Summer to Autumn isn't easy on anyone, even on us who actually love this perfectly gloomy season. The weirdest thing is how one day you just wake up and realise that daytime is way shorter all of a sudden, how rainy nights and mornings inspire you so much but actually also make you feel like never leaving your warm bed and how hard it is to adjust to this new world.

I like to start my each month with a long but realistic list of goals.

During this weekend, I did one for October and while going through the past ones I realised how much more organised and on point this one is. And that's why I love making those lists, it's amazing to see how you're changing and turning into a person you actually really want to be.

And then there's the list of all lists. The yearly one. The 2016 goals big and fancy list.
I feel like each year time flies by faster and faster and there's nothing we can do about it except to try to use all that time well. In my case that would mean that I should really start making the effort into waking up earlier in the morning but that sounds like such a mission impossible because I've always been a little night owl.

I'll wake up early if I really have to.
And I have no problem with that.
But other than that, I'm quite ok with starting everything a few hours later. Because, it's my day and my time we're talking about and I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want with it. Yes, that's my always so rebellious teenage side talking.
But even though I've always loved working late at night, as I'm getting older, the more and more I appreciate the nights off. Because cold and dark nights are for hot chocolate, pizza, binge watching your favourite tv shows and films, spending time with your loved ones etc. and that's why waking up early has made it's way into the goals list.

You may wonder, what kind of things I write down on those lists? So I'm gonna share just a few from the September one, along with an explanation have I done it or not.

* Get my MA degree and finally be done with uni = DONE!
* Read more = DONE!
* Finish the documentary I'm editing and deliver it before the deadline = DONE!
* Start writing a book = STILL NO PROGRESS.
* Decide what to do with 'Forever, your teddy bear project' = DONE!
* Wake up earlier in the morning = OBVIOUSLY FAILED.
* Write on a daily basis = DONE!
* Take more photos = NOPE, I've shifted my focus more towards writing.

And now it's about time I let the new chapter of this story start. The crazy thing is, there are so many potential plot changes that I have no idea how this month is gonna look like. And even though at times that can be frustrating and scary, a big part of me likes it that way.

So here's to a month of hard work, fighting for motivation, moody weather, thinking about Christmas, learning how to focus more on what you want, not apologizing for who you are and playing by your own rules.

What are some of your plans for October?




  1. so many potential plot changes...tako se i ja osjećam:) Mislim da uopće nije loše početi mjesec s dugim popisom planova...kada neke stvari stavimo na papir, puno lakše se i ostvare. Veselim se vidjeti što nam spremaš i jako mi se sviđa ova kišna fotografija.

    1. Želim nam sjajan mjesec i nadam se da će se od svih ovih potencijalnih situacija izrealizirati samo one najbolje! :)) Hvala ti!

  2. I go through phases of being good at waking up early and then being awful - now it's a bit darker in the mornings I'm finding it pretty difficult! Well done at achieving most of your goals!
    Amy xx

    1. Yes, cold and dark mornings make waking up so difficult, I hate it! :D And thanks!


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