Monday, October 24, 2016

The challenge: Keeping my blog alive and kicking while being on set for 2 months

Flashback: About a month ago, when I got a call about this tv project I'm working on and its deadlines, the first thing that crossed my mind was (without exaggerating) - oh my gosh, what's gonna happen to my blog? - because I instantly knew that, from the moment I say 'yes' to everything, my free time will stop existing until the series is done.

To make everything even more interesting, along with directing the show I also said I wanted to write a big part of the episodes. Forty, to be exact.

One thing I knew for sure: once I arrive to Sibenik, everything is gonna progress from busy to hectic and I needed to come up with an insane amout of organization in order to keep this blog alive while I'm on set for two months with terrific schedule.

So I decided it's about time I familliarize myself with editorial calendar, which is something I used to think about embracing as a part of my blogging routine, but never really needed because no matter how busy I was, there were always some holes in the schedule I could fill with my beloved blogging.

But this time there are no holes.
Only dead serious work.
Did I mention the three months of postproduction after the filming is done?
But we'll get there when the time is right.

So, back to the editoral calendar.
I bought a notebook (because I love them so much), divided months into weeks, weeks into days and started filling it up with future content. Some things were quite easy to plan out, such as the ongoing series of 'Weekend vibes' and 'Little things' but other stuff wasn't exactly a piece of cake.

For example, outfit posts.
I managed to prepare two of them in advance for the upcoming weeks but that's where the story ends because we didn't have time to shoot more.
I also realised I won't have time to continue writing about new episodes of 'Younger' simply because I won't have time to watch it. Welcome to the circle of chaos. This is where the fun begins.

But I knew what I really wanted to write about and that is the process of bringing this big and crazy project to life. Because these things are amazing. Because that's what I love the most, along with writing. A few days ago I decided to go through some of my old diaries, especially ones that were dedicated to documenting a certain project.

I laughed so hard.
Pages filled with positive energy and love.
Stories about people, weird situations, changes and being pushed out of the comfort zone so many times.

Stories about living your life by your own rules.
About deeply loving what you do.
Which is what this blog is actually all about.

And no matter how hard and exhausting it gets at times, how frustrating it can be because sometimes things that happen are completely beyond your control, you never want to give it up. You always want more.

That's why I want to write about it.

My editorial calendar is less than half-filled with content because I can't shedule some of these things in advance. Life is just too messy and I'm not aiming to make a lifestyle magazine out of this blog. This is a personal journey, an ongoing adventure that's driven by love towards life, constant dreaming and a whole spectrum of emotions.

I can't schedule everything because my content isn't filled with 'how to' posts. I can't even write my 'Weekend vibes' in advance because in order to create them, I need to live through that particular week and transfer its vibe onto this blog. Sure, I could fake it all but why the hell would I do that to you or myself?

So to answer my burning question about keeping my blog alive while I'm constantly on set...I have absolutely no idea how I'm gonna do it and I'm not gonna lie about it. But there's one super important little detail and it goes like this: I love this place more than anything else in the world and I would never let it (or my readers) down.

So I promise I'll do my best to stay organized.
To find strenght to write even when all I feel like is going to sleep.
To find motivation for fresh content even when I feel like my brain isn't working anymore.
To create a bunch of behind the scenes materials so we can talk and laugh about it.

Because most of the time we aren't fully ready for all the new adventures but hey, that's life. It's weird, messy, challenging, scary but in a way that's just so bloody brilliant. No good stories were ever created from comfort zones. From playing it safe. From being too nice. From being scared...

So let's dive in this together.
And guys, let's write a crazy good story this time.




  1. Love your blog and honesty so much! Life is BUSY but it's so good to say yes to every opportunity. <3

  2. predivno si ova napisala...i sigurna sam da ćeš nekako pronaći vremena i za svoj blog...kao što si rekla, bitno je da bude autentično...neke stvari ćeš možda promijeniti ili staviti na čekanje, ali tako to ide. Bitno je da uvijek imaš osjećaj da je to 'tvoje mjesto' i mislim da će možda čak i ovo vrlo zauzeto razdoblje i donijeti najviše inspiracije...osim toga mislim da je sjajna ideja da pišeš o samom snimanju...takvih priča nema puno, a vjerujem da su zanimljive.

    Divne fotografije Šibenika.


  3. You're so right that you can't schedule everything in advance - some posts just need to not be pre written don't they? And all your hard work will be worth it I'm sure!
    Amy xx

  4. Amišica naša! Istina jest da si nas "razmazila" s redovitim postovima (što nije slučaj s mnom) ali da, nije da sad sjediš na kauču i ne želiš ili ti se ne da (što je u neku ruku ok, ali i znak da nešto ne štima) već uistinu imaš pune ruke posla! Mi, koji ne živimo od bloga, moramo živjeti od nečega i tu nekada nema kompromisa. Tvoja (i naša) sreća je ta što ti živiš od super kreativnog posla koji, iako je ludo naporan, s druge je strane nešto o čemu mi, "laici" znamo jako malo, a voljeli bi svakako znati više... Stoga, sretno od srca i znaj da smo tu. Barem ja! Čekala ili ne, znam da će me svaki novi post oduševiti! :)

    1. Hvalaaa ti, draga moja na lijepim riječima, nadam se da ću ipak uspjeti uspostaviti nekakav raspored, ali štogod da se dogodi, blog će preživjeti :)

  5. Life just gets crazy sometimes. I often have to put blogging aside for a little bit and concentrate on other projects, but I always come back to it

    1. Yess, I absolutely know how it feels! :)

  6. Nemoj da se opterećuješ. Sve ovo iako radimo iz ljubavi, traži jaaaako mnogo vremena, truda i sate i sate provedene iza svake reči i fotografije. Ja sam uvek radije i za ređe, a kvalitetnije objavljivanje, i sugurna sam da nisam jedina. Došao ti je period kad su druge stvari u fokusu i izvuci maksimum iz tog iskustva, a ovde dođi kad možeš i pre svega kad želiš. Tako da udahni duboko i polako. Stići ćeš ti sve i naći ćeš neku novu rutinu :***

    1. Dobro si rekla, draga moja, u potpunosti se slažem :**

  7. A challenge indeed! You did a great job!
    Instagram @grace_njio

  8. I had an editorial calendar and didn't stick to it smh smh smh! Things would be much smoother if I did, I already know lol. Thanks for the reminder, guess I'd better hop back to it!


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