Monday, November 21, 2016

Little Things (15)

* Being surrounded by amazing creatives 24/7

* Seeing how words transform to pictures

* Waking up before 6 am and feeling insanely excited about it

* Being completely in love with the project you're working on

* Lots of champagne and loud music in the best company you could possibly think of

* So much amazing sea food it actually makes you sick

* Living in an amazing hotel (can't wait to show you everything!)

* Knowing what you want, without any doubts

* Dreaming about lighthouses and a long trip to Iceland

* That amazing feeling when I realized we've filmed the 50th episode

* Late night conversations in the editing room

* Tons of Coca-Cola and chocolate

* Learning so much about yourself in the process

* Feeling so many new things

* Quick break from everything at National Park Krka

* Not knowing which day and date it is because you're working non-stop

* New friends and adventures

* Putting the make-up on even though it's crazy early and you're beyond exhausted

* Feeling scared and excited at the same time

* Knowing your priorities

* The best pancakes you've ever tasted in your life

And what about you, dear friends? How's life been treating you recently?




  1. Sounds like you've been having the best time and I can't wait to hear all about it! I've just been to Iceland actually, are you planning on going? It was incredible, the most scenic place I've been!
    Amy xx

  2. I cannot wait to learn more about the project you are involved in currently. It is incredible to see how you let your creative juices flow and how radiant it makes you! Best Wishes, Iga

  3. Jako sam sretna kada na Ig vidim koliko si ti sretna i koliko uzivas! Ima li sto ljepse! ;)


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments :)

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