Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 - a year of many changes

At first I considered deleting this post.
Not because I have something against 2016 (it was a great one for me) but simply because it felt like I have too many things to say and in order not to mess it all up, it seemed like a good idea not to write about it at all.

But c'mon.
I love to talk and I love to write and I especially LOVE to reflect on things.
So I sat down, turned off the music and in the most beautiful light of golden hour started to type.

I wanted to tell you so many things:

* everything about the 'BONTON' filming (btw, for all my croatian readers - it hits the air on January 2nd, Monday on HRT 1 at 18:06)
* about love
* about Zagreb, Sibenik and Skradin
* about becoming who you've always wanted to be
* about not giving up on things that are important to you
* about wine and cookies
* about Christmas with my grandparents
* about those little moments of fear and long bubble baths
* about Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Zabranjeno pusenje
* about throwing away so many items and clothing you don't really need
* about living in a hotel for 2 and a half months
* about new friends etc. etc.

But for the first time ever, I didn't know how to do it.
And that thought actually made me consider writing the blog in Croatian because I can bla bla away confusing things more easily in it than in English but in the end I decided to ditch the idea because something about it felt wrong.

Yesterday we celebrated the New Year.
Wtf, you may ask.
Why would anyone do that four days before the actual date?

Well, it's quite simple.
I don't care about it that much.
Plus, it was an impossible task to gather our little group for the 31st because of everyone's weird schedules so we decided to compromise. And it was bloody amazing.

Sometimes you have to create your own traditions.
And that's where all the great adventures start.

2017 is a big, heavy book with so many fresh, blank pages.
I have no idea where life is gonna take me, which city I'm gonna call home and how many projects I'll work on.
I have no idea what my blog is gonna look like, what type of posts I'm gonna focus on but I'm leaning towards more personal stories. You know, life unedited kind of things.

But I do know what I want.
I want to write. Inspire. Motivate.
I want to stay madly in love. With my job, this crazy lifestyle, one amazing person, wandering and storytelling.
I want to make each day count. To think positively and believe only amazing things are coming my way.

And I want the same things for you, too.

There's one little quote I came across the other day and immediately loved it. So in case you need a bit of inspiration for the start of the new year, here it goes:

I solemnly swear to create memories that last a lifetime.
I vow to make an impression on the world, not the couch.
I promise to dream about unrealistic goals.
And make them my reality.

Wishing you all the happiest ending of 2016 and the amazing and sparkling 2017!
You guys are golden! xx




  1. koji predivan citat! Sjajan osvrt na ovu godinu, mislim da si rekla puno toga s malo riječi, a to je najveće umijeće:). Improvizacija je važna vještina... i baš mi je simpatično kako ste dočekali Novu ranije:). Uvijek možemo stvarati nove tradicije, a osim toga što par dana znači- bitno je da smo mentalno spremni za nju. Mislim da ja već jesam.

    1. Baš ti hvala, draga moja, to mi puno znači! :) I definitivno nisi jedina koja je spremna za novu godinu, ja sam se mentalno u potpunosti prebacila s 2016-e na nove dogodovštine. Sreeetno nam bilo! <3

    2. tako je...neka nam je sa srećom!

  2. Divno si ovo napisala draga moja Matea! Iako mislis da se nisi dovoljno izrazila u ovom postu jer si pisala na engleskom, meni je bilo sasvim dovoljno da me tvoja pozitiva i entuzijazam inspiriraju za novu godinu 2017 koja samo sto nije pocela.
    2016 mi je bila najduza i najteza godina u zivotu i nadam se da ce 2017 biti puuuuuno blaza i lijepsa godina. Ja sam vjeciti sanjar, romantik i odrasla sam misleci da sve ono sto je nekima zvucalo nerealno ili "nenormalno" je meni uvijek bilo interesantno, inspirirajuce i ostvarivo.
    Saljem ti puno pusa i samo nastavi hrabro gdje god te zivot "odnese" u 2017.

    1. Joj puno ti hvala, draga moja Natali! Žao mi je čuti da ti je 2016-a bila tako grozna, reći ću samo: ne ponovilo se nikad više i nek što prije ode u prošlost da možeš hrabro zakoračiti u novih 365 dana koji će, sigurna sam, biti divni! <3 <3 Drži mi se i želim ti sve sve najbolje, jer ti ništa manje ni ne zaslužuješ! :) :*

  3. I am so excited to see what 2017 has in store for you lovely! I agree with you in regards to celebrating the New Year early - I am doing that with friends today, as we all have conflicting schedules. The truth is, who really cares when you celebrate it, as long as you're with people you love. Happy New Year beautiful!


    1. Thanks a lot, dear Erika! And you're so right, the only important thing about the NY celebration is spending it with people you love and care about. Have a great celebration and wishing you an amazing and fabulous 2017! <3

  4. Wish I could tune in and watch! (although even if I could I wouldn't be able to understand it haha!) I bet it's amazing though, well done :)
    Amy xx


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