Monday, January 23, 2017

Behind the Scenes of BONTON, part two

Two weeks ago I finally started sharing BTS of my beloved Bonton (in case you've missed the first part, here's the link) and today we're continuing the story in the same tone. 

So happy new week, my dear friends and let's get the party started!

Morning vibes at National park 'Krka'
Christmas episode!
When your sunglasses aren't around...
With Leo, my friend Nevena's golden retriever and the loveliest dog ever.
Making mess in the nature and trying not to look like it's freezing outside.
View from the editing room.
Are we done yet?
Leo wants to go home. Filmmaking is boring.
The famous room no.11 
You can watch BONTON through Monday-Friday on HRT1 around 18:05 and you can also follow our adventures online, on HRTi where new episodes are added on a daily basis. 

Let me know what you think about them and which ones are your favourites so far :)




  1. Obozavam "behind the scene" fotke i videe, uvik otkriju / pokazu where the real magic is nekog happening, prizvoda,itd.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun and everyone looks like they're having so much fun!
    Amy xx

    1. The mood on set really was quite something, we enjoyed it so much! xx

  3. BTS posts are literally my favorite! Your cast looks fabulous - I so want to see that Christmas episode!


    1. Thanks a lot, I wish I could show you some of the episodes but unfortunately non of them are subtitled :(

  4. OMG I am obsessed!! My husband is Croatian and I am Polish-American (we live in the USA) and I have to say so far my favorite is the one about the neighbors. I so want to incorporate Bonton into language lessons. Let's get your show subtitled! It's so funny, I love it!

    1. Aww thank you so much, that's so nice to hear! I'm glad you liked the one about the neighbors, it's amongst one of my favourites too :) Sadly, at the moment translating the show isn't in planned but if anything changes in the future, I'll let you know! :)

  5. dosada su mi sve super, možda mi je favorit ona s posuđenim stvarima:) ali i onda danas sa pokušajem prekidanja poziva me baš nasmijala...mislim da smo se baš svi našli u toj situaciji.

  6. Leo je stvarno joooj da ga pojedeš :) Obožavam zlatne retrivere i kad vidim nekog, ne vidim ništa drugo oko sebe :) Jutros sam gledala epizodu o pozivima i genijalna je. Mislim da nema osobe kojoj se redovno ne dešavaju slične situacije :)


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