Friday, February 24, 2017

February - Posts You Enjoyed Reading the Most

Even though it's the shortest month of the year, good old and messy February almost always feels like a neverending adventure. Well, this year that's (finally) not the case for me because days have flown by incredibly fast, so many little and some big things have happened and I succeded in what I needed the most - getting some rest and quality me time after months and months of insanely hard work.

Next week I'm off to a new adventure so that's the reason why today I've decided to reflect on which posts you loved the most this month, before we move on to a new chapter called 'March'. And boy I can't wait for it to begin.

The Great Escape from Malesnica to Centre (Zagreb)

'Your happiness and well-being are the only things that matter and don't allow anyone or anything mess it up. If you wake up feeling like today is the worst day of your life, do whatever it takes to shake things up. 

Plot twist, guys. 
You are in charge of your life, your decisions, your emotions and attitude towards everything - don't make choices that make you feel miserable.'

'Now don't get me wrong - I love, love, love that blogging has become such huge industry because nowdays we have so many different opportunities that enable us to reach our dreams but what I'm slowly but surely fed up with is the amount of same kind of content.

That's why I stopped reading so many blogs I used to love.

What this world really needs is characters behind those fancy laptops. Today we're all about minimalism, tomorrow we'll run straight back to barocco. And that's all fine, trends come and go but please give me some sort of authenticity.'

What To Do When Words Fail You

'Many people tend to think that creativity is easy. 

That creative life looks something like dolce far niente 365 days in a year. You do nothing and million dollar ideas simply come to you. I hate to say this, but that's one of the main reasons why so many dreams fail even before they get the chance to shine.'

How I Fell In Love With Blogging

'Back then there was no glamour in it. No industry. No career.

There was just a whole bunch of us who wrote things because we loved it, because we felt the need to share stories, to reach out to people. Especially us underdogs, who couldn't fit in the place where we had lived. Writing was and always will be a special and the best kind of therapy and I can't imagine my life without it.'

Two People, One Apartment and 60 Episodes to Edit

'Something that started out as a big pile of mess all of a sudden turned into a healing spot. I talked and there was someone who listened. Someone who understood my love for blogging ('go on, buy that design, you love your blog so much so just do it.'), my passion for work and constant wandering around, someone who didn't point out my weaknesses but brought out my strenghts instead...a person who understood it all.

And just like that I started to feel like my messed up heart is picking up its pieces all over again. I started to heal, in the weirdest situation of all, burdened with so much work related things and life issues with a little big help from the most unexpected person ever. And a big portion of sushi. And pasta. And McQueen and Moschino.'

Forever Plaid

'Sometimes when you want something really badly, the universe actually helps you get there. No matter how big or small your wish is. But don't you dare ever give up on it, no matter how crazy or weird or superficial it may sound. Those are your wishes, things that make YOU happy, that are priceless to you. 

Even if it's just a pair of plaid jeans we're talking about.'

365 Days of Love and Happiness - Week 1

'It was a particularly lazy afternoon, I was reading a book in bed, feeling slightly sleepy when suddenly a thought came to my head. Uninvited, unexpected and in a way - unwanted, because there's nothing easy or simple about this project. 

Yet I found myself super excited for it, which is almost impossible to believe because the last time I did it was also the day when I promised to myself I'm never doing it again.'

Pop of Red on a Freezing Cold Day

'There's something special about Winter. 

Dark and foggy mornings when you're drinking hot tea and looking through the window only to see silhouettes of the surrounding buildings; soft grey tones and blue hues that make bright colors pop like crazy; oversized jumpers, fluffy socks and cosy blankets; that crisp air that helps you clear your head...beautiful and priceless.'

Wishing you a great weekend! 

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  1. I legit want to go back and re-read all of these now - they are all so beautiful {both in terms of words and imagery}.


    1. Aww thanks a lot for these kind words, they mean so much to me! xx

  2. Stvarno ti je bio nevjerojatno kreativan mjesec, toliko dobrih tema i pisanja, valjda se ta energija skupljala i onda odjednom eksplodirala...tako to bude kada se poslože stvari. Mene su svi postovi oduševili, svaki put si me još malo više pozitivno iznenadila.

    1. Ja potpisujem Ivanin komentar. Tvoja kreativnost i energija su pravo osveženje i svaki put me iznova oduševe :) <3

    2. Puno vam hvala, drage moje cure, uvijek mi uljepšate dane sa svojim divnim komentarima! <3 <3

    3. Ja se pridruzujem curama! Ne stignem toliko komentirati ali sam uvijek tu da procitam nesto pametno i inspirativno! :*


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