Friday, February 17, 2017

One Outfit Post That Changed Everything

My first thought this morning was not to publish these photos.

I made a first selection then started to cut down more and more photos from it until I was left with ten, which is the usual number (sometimes less, never more) of photos per style post. But something felt off the entire time. I looked at them and something about the whole mood didn't suit me at all.

I walked around the house, nervous as fuck, eating chocolate and trying to find the answer to the burning question - what is wrong with them? - because the whole thing seemed pretty ridiculous. Here I was, wearing one of my favourite combinations ever and finally sharing with you my new and beloved McQ boots (which is something I've been looking forward to in weeks, ever since I bought them) but something messed me up and it looked like this post was never gonna happen.

And then it hit me - right at the moment when I shifted my focus towards today's lunch at my grandparents - it wasn't about clothes, it was about blog and blogging in general.

McQ boots, Lulu Couture dress, Ralph Lauren coat, H&M jeans, Celine sunglasses, Zara scarf
Many of you already know how deeply passionate I am about documenting things and stories. Most of the time that manifests through writing but when it comes to journals, those things are always a bit messy. Spontaneous. Raw. I do it because it's as natural to me as breathing. I literally can't imagine my life without it (along with photography, of course) and I don't think I'll ever stop.

Writing about personal style has been my love since high school days but so many things have changed. Some for better, some for always. But the thing that almost always kinda annoyed the hell out of me is this editorial approach to personal style. It's just so fake.

Why oh why do our style posts need to look like straight from Vogue (yet they never do, obviously)? Why do we pose and pretend to look like models, with that ever so irritatning why-so-serious face expression like the entire world hates you? It doesn't look cool nor it brings out anyone's character (well, unless you really feel angry that day).

Where is personal in personal style today?

I miss those days when boys and girls who loved experimenting with fashion took their own photos. Most of the time in front of a mirror or with a little help from our dear friend - the tripod.

I actually miss those days when people who wanted to write about fashion didn't stress about having the latest model of an iPhone or the newest Canon / Nikon, mostly because they weren't photographers so what the hell.

I miss those days when we talked about creative people who didn't buy new items on a daily basis but were able to put together a zillion different combination with only 20 pieces in their wardrobe all together.

I miss when we were super nice and friendly to each other, instead of being over competitive and obsessed with things that don't really matter, like analytics.

I miss when real influencers weren't here to buy followers.

I miss when bloggers responded to their readers comments instead of treating them like a number.

Now don't get me wrong - I love, love, love that blogging has become such huge industry because nowdays we have so many different opportunities that enable us to reach our dreams but what I'm slowly but surely fed up with is the amount of same kind of content.

That's why I stopped reading so many blogs I used to love.

What this world really needs is characters behind those fancy laptops. Today we're all about minimalism, tomorrow we'll run straight back to barocco. And that's all fine, trends come and go but please give me some sort of authenticity.

Creatives from all around the world are here to inspire, motivate and show how we can do things differently. How one voice can and does matter. How you should strive to be a pink sheep in the land of white ones. How the only kind of limitations you have are the ones in your head.

If I wanted to read a fashion magazine, I would buy one, just like I have been doing for years and years. Blogs are here to offer a unique kind of a perspective on life, a one person's perspective without any boundaries and that's why they're so interesting and always will be. But in order to keep people interested one must be himself and no one else.

McQ boots, Moschino bag, H&M jeans, Lulu Couture dress
So if you've had a bad day, share it please, no one's gonna judge you.
If you've finally bought that amazing designer jacket after months and months of saving money, write ecstatically about it.
If you're feeling lost and confused, say it out loud because we all do most of the time.
If everyone is practicing simplicity and forced minimalism and you're all about colours, colours, colors then by all means be the most colorful amazing creature out there.

Just be yourself.
Be a cheeseburger in the land of avocados.

Don't worry about cool gear - amazing stories are way more important (unless you're a photographer, but that's not what we're talking about here today).
Don't worry about not being rich enough - money cannot buy style.
Don't worry about not finding your crowd - blogosphere is so huge we can't even comprehend it, you'll find your own bunch of weirdos.

Let me explain this a bit differently: when you're writing a diary, do you look for inspiration in other people's diaries? Didn't think so.

And that's why I'm done with shooting my own outfit photos the way I used to.




  1. slažem se sa svime što si napisala. Ne shvaćam zašto je danas toliki pritisak na tome da svi blogovi izgledaju jednako, time mi se gubi svaka bit...kao što si napisala, kada želimo reklame i modne časopise, do toga je lako doći.

    Neki individualni stil je to nešto što je i stvorilo blogove i šteta je što se to gubi. Koliko sam primijetila, svi ti neki poznatiji blogovi pretvorili su se u nekakve reklame ili online portale- ne pratim ih baš toliko da mogu reći nešto sa sigurnošću, ali čini mi se da se sve više uvlači neka uniformiranost u njih. Valjda ljudi misle da će tako izgledati profesionalnije. Mislim u redu je kada je blog posao, svaka čast ljudima koji su to postigli, ali uvijek se može očuvati osobnost, barem mi se tako čini.

    Predivna kombinacija....čizmice su ljubav:) a crvena haljinica je predivna... fotografije su za deset!

    1. Puno ti hvala, draga moja Ivana! Grozno je vidjeti kako se u ogromnoj količini blogova upravo izgubila individualnost jer su postali kao katalozi za xy bez problema može postati posao, a bez da se pritom nečija osobnost u potpunosti zagubi po putu, a kad do toga dođe onda fakat više nemam razloga posjećivati neke od tih stranica.

  2. You made such great points in this blog post! I really appreciate your honesty! Also I'm loving this is super cute!

    1. Thanks a lot, Valerie, I'm glad to hear you liked it! xx

  3. Prije svega, moram reci da si odlucila ispravno sto si ipak objavila ove fotke. Prekrasna si, tvoja divna osobnost prsti na ovim fotkama i ove cizmice su totalno zasluzile "svoj post".
    Sto se tice teksta... Slazem se sa svakom rijeci. Jest, ima tih par blogova koje volim pogledati i koje pratim godinama, koji su sad vec postali biznis a ne samo hobi i koji imaju fotke kao da su iz Vogue editoriala, ali tih par blogova je malo, svi ostali su se totalno pogubili i nisu mi zanimljivi niti autenticni.
    Ja sam sretna da mogu zaraditi sa svojim blogom i da imam sansu raditi sa nekim velikim brendovima ali uvijek na MOJ nacin, kako JA zelim i zamislim.
    Uvijek se moze ostati originalan, cak i sad, kad svi streme k tome da blog donosi i zaradu osim samo "zabave" i inspiracije.
    Isto tako je i s tekstovima... Radje necu pisati nista danima nego objaviti tekst koji je polovican ili ajd, eto tek toliko da nesto pise.

    1. Puno ti hvala, draga moja! I samo naprijed sa svime što radiš, sretno ti bilo! <3

  4. Cheers to the celebration of raw footage! Sometimes it's the raw, rugged images that strike the deepest chord with me, so I love the fact that you're discussing the importance of going back to 'real' images.

    As always, you look fabulous - your new boots are just brilliant!


    1. Cheers to keeping it real and thanks a lot, dear Erika! xx

  5. Ne sjećam se broja modnih blogova koliko sam ih pratila, ali danas ne pratim više niti jedan jedini. Ponekad provirim onako, na neke koje sam zaista voljela, ali nema mi niti jedan tu istu draž kao u početku jer je sve postalo reklama, followeri i zarada. Ne kažem da su svi postali loši, čak naprotiv, ima i biće inspirativnih blogova, naletit ćemo na neke koji možda 'nisu toliko popularni' ali su dobri i dosljedni svom stilu i kupovini iz svog džepa od zarade ne vezane za blog jer blog je hobby. Ok mi je i kad postane posao, samo treba imati mjeru. Svi su postali slični jer su postali grabljivci.
    Tekstovi definitivno nemaju onu dušu koju su imali nekad jer je sve na silu i zbog reklame. "Vrijeme je novac."- Mrzim ovu izreku btw. Ne vidim da je neko obukao zaredom dan-dva iste cipele, stavio torbu ili ponovio neki odjevni komad u sedam dana, vrlo vrlo rijetko. Hahhahah... Dobro si spomenula i te mobitele i laptope! Materijalizam, nažalost! U toku sam sa trendovima jedino jer pogledam modne revije na YT pa vidim od prilike šta se nosi i događa ili kupim Elle sa dodatkom sa modnih revija. Kada neko ko napumpa usne i postane popularan zbog toga pa počne prodavati sjajila i karmine to je dokaz da je ovaj svijet krenuo nizbrdo! Post mi je legao kao ćevapi! (Ćevapi mi uvijek legnu!) :)) Ne znam šta ti se događa ali postovi su ti F E N O M E N A L N I ! ! ! <3 Malo mi je falilo da zaboravim napisati i pohvaliti outfit. Sve mi se dopada i samo nastavi ovako. Budi ovo što jesi jer mi te takvu volimo. I ne znam kako ti je moglo na pamet pasti da ne budeš zadovoljna fotografijama?! Manje ti gledaj te 'poznate' blogove. :))

    1. U potpunosti se slažem sa svime što si rekla, sad mi se dogodi da skačem od sreće kad naletim na neki novi ili manji blog iz kojeg pršti osobnost autora i kojeg uopće nije briga za bitku oko followera i sličnih gluposti. Uvijek ista priča - čim se uključi novac, odjednom se stvari drastično okrenu - a može se i tad bez problema ostati dosljedan samom sebi, samo treba ostati realan i svjestan zbog čega radiš nešto, u ovom slučaju pišeš blog. Kad se pretvori u industriju same industrije radi, onda po meni to više nema nikakvog smisla. Blaženi svi koji i dalje pišu modne postove na način da recikliraju par omiljenih stvari stalno iznova, iz sezone u sezonu, meni su to prave priče jer je najlakše svaki dan kupiti nešto novo i onda se u tome fotkati - super za bogate klince, ali meni tu nema ni duše ni inspiracije, osim u zaista izrazito rijetkim slučajevima.

      Puno ti hvala na ovom divnom komentaru, neopisivo mi je drago što ti se svidio post - bila sam sva ponosna kad sam ovo jučer pročitala! <3 Svašta sam si okrenula u životu i detaljnije no ikad se posvetila sebi i svojim željama pa mislim da iz kombinacije svega toga proizlaze i ovi noviteti na blogu. Uživaj mi u vikendu, nadam se da je lijepo sunčano kao i kod nas! :***

  6. Uvijek sam mislila kako ti nedostaje osmijeh na tim modnim fotkama - jer uzivo nikada nisi bez njega - tako da su ove fotke ti! Bravo!

    1. Hvala ti puno, draga moja, ovo je bilo divno za čuti! :)

  7. You look amazing dear!

  8. I ja sam prestala da pratim skoro sve modne blogove i povremeno se setim kako su bili lepi i zanimljivi u početku, kada su devojke slikale ono što stvarno nose tog dana, kombinovale staru i novu odeću i bavile se time iz ljubavi prema modi. Imam utisak da danas većina juri nove kolekcije, kupuje i više nego što može da iznosi, angažuje profesionalne fotografe za svaki post... Nekako nema duše u tome više. Poenta blogova je i bila da nam pomogne u inspiraciji, da nam da ideju kako da od stvari koje već imamo u ormaru iskombinujemo nešto novo. Baš me uhvati nostalgija kad se toga setim, dešavalo mi se da uđem na neki blog i gledam postove iz npr. 2012. godine jer mi se više sviđaju nego oni noviji, nekako su ličniji i realniji.

    1. U potpunosti se slažem s tobom, bilo je nečeg posebnog u tim ranijim danima blogosfere kad je sve bilo puno opuštenije, iskrenije i osobnije...iskreno se nadam da će se to početi vraćati i dobivati na važnosti jer u zadnje vrijeme vidim da sve veći broj blogera upravo tuguje za tim.

  9. I really love this and couldn't agree more - most of the blogs I read are quite honest and personal and have a bit of everything mixed in. It's difficult striking the balance between wanting to remain real and raw yet trying to make your blog the best it can be isn't it? I am LOVING how natural and happy you're looking in your outfit photos recently by the way, you look so pretty! Also red is really your colour and the boots! <3
    Amy xx

    1. Thanks a lot, dear Amy! And yes, that perfect balance is incredibly hard to find but I can that more and more people are striving towards it and that makes me super happy! Cheers to happy blogging! xx

  10. Što drugo reći na ovo nego bravo! Fotku su prekrasne <3

  11. U potpunosti se slažem sa tobom i znam dobro taj osećaj kad spremiš nešto što ti se sviđa ali taj neki unutrašnji glas ti govori da to nije to. U svakom slučaju, iz mog ugla tvoje slike i kombinacija su pravo osveženje u ovom tmurnom danu ovde. Iskreno da ti kažem, sve više me nervira sve ovo, ceo taj fake svet koji kupuje pratioce i pravi se lud. Nervira me i to što je sve postalo brojka koju ili imaš ili nemaš i ne znam zapravo kako neko danas može da se istakne u ovom svetu dok nema xx pratilaca i pregleda i ko je lud, a ko normalan :D U svakom slučaju, neka radi ko šta kako voli i smatra da treba. Videćemo u šta će se to pretvoriti nakon nekog vremena... <3


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