Friday, April 21, 2017

One Sunglasses to Rule Them All

Some things in life never fail me: Big Mac large menu (with Coke naturally), loud music when I feel like crap, spaghetti with pesto, bright red lipstick and my favourite sunglasses.

Last week I expressed my deep love for sneakers (click here in case you've missed it) and today we're all about my second favourite style guilty pleasure - their majesty, sunglasses.

And not just any kind of sunglasses.
THE sunglasses.
You-can-conquer-the-world-wearing-them sunglasses.
The spectacular CÉLINE ones. 
Pricey as hell but worth EVERY penny.

Everyone who's regular around here is already familiar with my sunglasses obsession. I always splurge on them but only buy a pair or two per year because it's not easy for me to find a model I really fall in love with plus I don't actually see a point in owning a zillion pairs of sunnies because there's absolutely no way I would find time to wear all of them so it would be a total waste of money.

And nobody puts their favourite shades in the corner. 

For the last couple of years I've been rocking my absolute favourite - black RAY-BAN WAYFARERS - on a daily basis and they look amazing with all of my outfits, are super resistant to my constantly-on-set-lifestyle which means that they regularly fall on the ground from my head / pockets / bag straps / t-shirt collars (I have a funny way of storing my sunglasses when I'm working outdoors) and I've always felt amazing wearing them.

During those years I bought several new shades but not a single one of them felt close to my heart like my old and trusty Wayfarers did. They were the coolest and the most amazing sunnies in the world BUT after some time I grew tired of them. I wanted a bigger model and completely different one. And then one day I came across the entire CÉLINE collection, one by one.

And fell in love with them all.

They were the only sunnies I wanted but I didn't wanna buy them the very second I saw them because I wanted to be sure that I absolutely LOVED them - mostly because the price tag was quite something, even for me who always buys designer shades but this one seemed a bit skyhigh at the moment. But then Christmas came, I had just finished a huge TV project I had been working on for months and months and I wanted to reward myself. A lot.

First I bought my first ever McQ boots and the very next day I came back for these CÉLINE sunglasses. And believe me when I say it - these are the best shades I have EVER had. They can magically transform your entire look - I mean look at me in these photos, they were shot minutes after we had finished a long day of filming and I was exhausted (but super happy), not to mention too casually dressed (I always do that when I'm filming) but these sunnies worked their magic and now we're talking about them in an outfit post.

And that's why I adore sunglasses (and all other accessories as well) - they are the perfect detail that can give that sparkling touch to your entire look no matter what, can give you a confidence boost if you need it and can also hide signs of an exhausting day. 

Celine, you rock and I'm never taking you off!

CÉLINE sunglasses
MANGO t-shirt & pants
PULL & BEAR cardigan
VANS sneakers
SLEEK lipstick




  1. These are absolutely brilliant on you babe - especially with that lip color!


  2. Beautiful!! You are glowing in the photos and the post just made me feel giddy inside :) Celine sunnies are gorgeous and I lust over them! I splurged on some Sezane sneakers a few weeks ago and they make me so happy every time I look at them/put them on!

    1. Aww thank you once again, dear! I'm so glad to hear you liked the post and yay for Sezane sneakers, can't wait to add some of their pieces to my own closet as well! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xx

  3. Girrrl you look so happy and beautiful <3 I love a good pair of sunglasses, my faves are the marble framed ones I have (not real marble haha!)
    Amy xx

    1. Thanks a lot, dear! And I looove your marble ones, they're so pretty and look awesome on you! xx

  4. I think sunglasses are the accessories that I need to buy, I don't own any and I need! I don't own any because i haven't find the one for me ¿? Sounds weird but since someone stole my old ray ban's I just don't feel comfy with sunglasses I don't even know why. Guess I gotta keep looking for the perfect ones for me..
    Great post! You rocked those sunnies :)

    1. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your ray ban's got stolen, that's such u bummer! I hope you'll get yourself a new pair sometime soon, maybe even ray ban again - I love their quality and there's so many different models to choose from! Glad to hear you liked the post, thanks a bunch and have a great week! :) xx

  5. What a cute pair of sunglasses, they look great on you!

  6. Stvarno su divne ove sunčane i super ti stoje....Crveni ruž ti isto sjajno pristaje, a nekako se baš uklopio s natpisom na majici. Ležerne kombinacije mogu biti itekako zanimljive, pogotovo kada ih nosimo s nekim zanimljivom detaljom. Kad smo kod detalja, osim sunčanih jako mi se sviđa i taj prsten na pandu...Fotografije su za deset, pune života i pozitivne energije. Super izgledaš!

    1. Puno ti hvala! E baš sam taj dan od moje Branke dobila taj prsten na pandu jer ona zna koliko ih ja obožavam i poludjela sam od sreće kad sam ga vidjela :)) Baš mi je drago da ti se svidio on i čitav post, hvalaaa ti i nadam se da ti je dobro krenuo novi tjedan! xx

    2. ajme preslatko:) takvi darovi su najljepši:)

  7. I have been using indestructible sunglasses bought from since years, and they have still not gone out of fashion. Try them, if you really want to take care of your eyes and keep them protected from hot sunlight.


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