Friday, June 9, 2017

The Last Post / New Adventures are Coming

My dear friends, in a way I still can't believe that I'm gonna write this down but after weeks and weeks of brainstorming and worrying I've finally made peace with the fact that Smile Snap Sparkle has reached its end of the road.
I tried to save it.
I tried to fight this feeling.

But at one point I realised that I'm only torturing myself and burdening my head with something that is already a big past tense in my mind and heart. We grow, change and along the way our priorities change as well. 

At first I didn't have enough time for the blog.
Later I simply didn't feel like writing any longer.

I never wanted to be a fashion or lifestyle blogger. I have my career, I'm fighting for it like crazy and everything what I do revolves around making that dream come true to the fullest. Yes, I'm talking about filmmaking. But somewhere along the way I learned that people were starting to label me exclusively as a fashion blogger. And that very second was the deal breaker.

But I couldn't leave this space without saying a proper goodbye.

First of all, it's not an actual goodbye because I'm moving everything to YOUTUBE and my portfolio website which means that we'll still say in touch but I don't plan on posting anything new to this blog ever again. 

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, for sticking with me for all these years, for being so supportive and amazing, for inspiring me to work harder and have no idea how much all of this has ment to me. And I hope you'll stick around on these new platforms.

But it's time to move on.
To grow.
To fight.
Try and fail.
Love and love even more.

It's time to start chasing that damn dream like it has never been chased before.

Sending you lots of hugs and kisses,



  1. Žao mi je što ovo čitam, ali razumem tvoje razloge. Navikla sam da redovno svraćam ovde i čitam kakav ti je bio dan i uživam u divnim fotografijama. Mogu misliti kako je tek tebi bilo teško da doneseš tu odluku.

    1. Ali pratiti ćemo se mi i dalje na Youtube-u i Instagramu :) Hvala ti na lijepim riječima i na čitanju svih ovih godina, nije lako bilo donijeti ovu odluku ali je zaista bila najispravnija u ovom trenutku. Nastavljam te i dalje čitati na tvom blogu :D

  2. Život je pun promjena i kada osjetiš da je vrijeme za novu najbolje ne odupirati se. Drago mi je da si sretna i zadovoljna i da te čekaju neki novi izazovi, ali i to što nećeš baš do kraja otići. Pratimo se i dalje ;)

  3. Aw I have loved reading your blog and seeing you progress on your journey - I'm sad your blog is ending but excited to see what's to come with YouTube!
    Amy xx

  4. So excited for all of your new adventures!! I will be following along everywhere <3

  5. WOW.. it is a bit sad but I'm still happy for you! I'm glad that you are chasing your dreams and I will for sure follow you and support you!!
    I send you all the love and great vibes from Peru!!
    Wish you the best Matea!!

  6. nikad se ne zna možda se jednoga dana i vratiš blogu, može biti da jednostavno sada nije pravo vrijeme za njega...i ja se mislim bi li odustala od svoga ili ne. Što god odlučiš, sretno.:)


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