Friday, January 27, 2017

Happiness Report (3)

* That feeling of silence when it's raining outside.

* Little big midnight conversations.

* Long bubble bath after an exhausting day.

* Planning new travels and adventures.

* Amazing morning with my dearest blogging friend Ivana.

* Perfect red velvet dress.

* Long conversations about all the upcoming projects with one of my best friends Janja 
(she also wrote more than 60 episodes of Bonton).

* The most delicious chocolate cookies ever.

* Sound of the city noise.

* So much love and support for Bonton from so many different people. THANK you!

* When someone says the right thing at the right time.

* Realizing that you're in control of your own happiness.

* Music first thing in the morning.

* Spending time with my sister.

* When someone brings out the best in you.

As always, now it's your turn to share - what made you happy this week?



Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pop of Red on a Freezing Cold Day

There's something special about Winter. 
Dark and foggy mornings when you're drinking hot tea and looking through the window only to see silhouettes of the surrounding buildings; soft grey tones and blue hues that make bright colors pop like crazy; oversized jumpers, fluffy socks and cosy blankets; that crisp air that helps you clear your head...beautiful and priceless.

And your favourite clothing items.
In my case, the star of my winter wardrobe is this SCOTCH & SODA jacket that I tend to call the best parka in the world. Because it truly is a little red masterpiece.

Scotch & Soda jacket
Mjus boots
Zara scarf
Mango sweater
H&M jeans
Superdry beanie



Monday, January 23, 2017

Behind the Scenes of BONTON, part two

Two weeks ago I finally started sharing BTS of my beloved Bonton (in case you've missed the first part, here's the link) and today we're continuing the story in the same tone. 

So happy new week, my dear friends and let's get the party started!

Morning vibes at National park 'Krka'
Christmas episode!
When your sunglasses aren't around...
With Leo, my friend Nevena's golden retriever and the loveliest dog ever.
Making mess in the nature and trying not to look like it's freezing outside.
View from the editing room.
Are we done yet?
Leo wants to go home. Filmmaking is boring.
The famous room no.11 
You can watch BONTON through Monday-Friday on HRT1 around 18:05 and you can also follow our adventures online, on HRTi where new episodes are added on a daily basis. 

Let me know what you think about them and which ones are your favourites so far :)



Friday, January 20, 2017

Two People, One Apartment and 60 Episodes to Edit

A few hours ago, one thought crossed my mind - it's the middle of January and I've already changed three living spaces since the beginning of the New Year. Whoa, that's pretty spectacular, if you're asking me...but also a subject we'll cover in depth in a few days when I tell you all about my Zagreb great city escape.

A few days ago, my Bonton editor and I were sitting at the table, working on the latest episodes, more than two weeks in a row. It was a crazy cold day and we literally haven't left the tiny and ugly apartment where we're currently working and living while in Zagreb. And as I was observing us, in that small, demotivating and terribly far away from the city centre place, I said out loud - we're like two people put together in a social experiment.

Sure, we're most definitely not strangers to each other because we've been colleagues for years and for the past couple of months, while we were filming the series we lived in the same hotel, but this situation is something completely different.
Not to mention that I was fully unprepared for it because we've been put in a place where we're not only living together in a really small space that literally has NO privacy at all but also have to work in that same enviroment every single day in a row.

As you can imagine, things get quite monotone after a few days.
No matter how cool you are with each other.
No matter how many things in common you have.
No matter how much you love your job.
No matter how many glasses of Jagermeister you drink.
No matter how much work gets done.

A month long adventure that can seem like an endless drive, especially when you're experiencing one of those weird days. And we all tend to have them, no matter how hard we try to fight it.

One of the reasons why I was so unprepared for this is quite simple - not long ago I ended a five year long relationship (this is the first time I'm mentioning it here on the blog because I simply had no idea how to put it in words up until today) and a big part of me didn't get the chance to heal, to process everything because I was so overwhelmed with work. My mind needed some peace and quiet but couldn't find any.

And here I was, in the middle of postproduction of Bonton, accidentally sharing a place with another guy and at one moment I started to feel crushed. Even though we're most definitely not in a relationship (that's the last thing I need right now) I felt a strong need to escape it all, to run away somewhere...anywhere. More than anything I needed to be alone and I couldn't.

But here comes the surprising part.

When two friends/colleagues share a space together for a certain amount of time, they tend to become closer and closer. So we talked more than before (and we always enjoyed talking to each other). A lot. About everything. Life, work, love, priorities. We're insanely similar in thinking so for the first time in a while I felt understood. Not judged. Approved.

Something that started out as a big pile of mess all of a sudden turned into a healing spot. I talked and there was someone who listened. Someone who understood my love for blogging ('go on, buy that design, you love your blog so much so just do it.'), my passion for work and constant wandering around, someone who didn't point out my weaknesses but brought out my strenghts instead...a person who understood it all.

And just like that I started to feel like my messed up heart is picking up its pieces all over again. I started to heal, in the weirdest situation of all, burdened with so much work related things and life issues with a little big help from the most unexpected person ever. And a big portion of sushi. And pasta. And McQueen and Moschino.

And a little coffee mug that says 'Let life surprise you'.
Sometimes you really have to let the magic in.
It might actually positively surprise you.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Zagreb Diary - Week Two

It's hard to believe that I'm already publishing a second week of these teeny tiny ZAGREB stories (here's the first one in case you've missed it)...days tend to fly by like crazy and I'm trying my best to enjoy every single second of this adventure, work and non-work related. 

Most of my days are spent in this weird little apartment where we're constantly editing new episodes of BONTON but in between all that there's lots of walking around (even though it's freezing cold outside, yes), drinking coffee and tea, long shopping afternoons and mornings, driving around, writing and taking too many pictures.

In short: everything around me is pretty magical at the moment and I couldn't be more grateful. Zagreb, we've never been closer.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Casual Moschino

Oh how I've missed writing personal style posts...I seriously can't help myself - these stories will forever be amongst my favourite ones and I guess it's about time I stop fighting it. 

When we started filming Bonton (back in October!), I had this idea about documenting every single look I wear on set because I brought quite a limited amount of clothing with me and really wanted to experiment, mix and match it all in so many different combinations...BUT life got in a way, actually set got in a way and I simply didn't have any time for it.

So here I am, back in Zagreb, where the three of us (editor, sound editor and me - director) are putting together the last 60 episodes (actually 40, as of today) and so far it's been quite a ride. The crazy thing is - somehow this year I have zero problems with winter, I'm actually enjoying it so much.

As you can see, I'm still wearing my beloved old beanie that's been following my adventures pretty much since the day one of this blog but so many other things are quite new. Like this insanely warm and cosy MANGO scarf, comfy and supercasual MJUS boots and last, but most definitely not the least - the queen of this look - my beyond adorable MOSCHINO bag I bought a few days ago. And everyone knows how deep my love for Moschino is, ever since I was a little girl.

Moschino bag
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Mango scarf + t-shirt
H&M jeans + sweater
Mjus boots

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Happiness Report (2)

* Enjoying and loving ZAGREB like never before.

* After a few years of silence, finally seeing one of my best and closest friends. The moment we hugged is definitely one of my favourite memories of 2017 so far.

* When Sanja (Bonton's make-up artist) was giving me instructions over the phone on how to get ready for a tv interview when I was feeling and looking like a zombie.

* New books.

* When you find the perfect gift for your best friend.

* Meeting new and interesting people.

* Daydreaming about distant places and making plans for the upcoming travels.

* Being honest with yourself.

* Wandering alone around town, shoppping, taking photos and enjoying the moment.

* A perfect pair of boots.

* Favourite sushi.

* Long conversations with friends.

* Getting a video of an adorable 2 year-old girl who's watching Bonton on a daily basis and is super excited about it.

* Feeling enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.

* Random conversations with cool taxi drivers.

* Chocolate pancakes.

* Buying something for yourself because you know that you've deserved it.

Now tell me - what made YOU happy this week?



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Behind The Scenes of BONTON, part one

If I had to name one thing I wanted to tell you all about ever since its very beginning, it would be filming of BONTON, the tv series I directed and have been constantly working on for the past couple of months...but at that time I simply couldn't, not until the first episode was aired. And I was so excited to let you in, show you parts of the set, introduce you to the crew...because this is my favourite project so far and I wanted to share everything with you guys.

And today I will, finally, as promised.
So let's dive in.

One of our first days of filming and the legendary pillow...for Franka's room I actually bought Ikea's entire collection - countless pillows, sheets, fairy lights, blankets, candles etc.
Monika Vuco, actress, on set for 'Photographing the food' episode
In between takes for 'The reception' episode
In the editing room, sorting out first 20 episodes (out of 100)
Sanja Krstulovic, our amazing make-up artist and the supervisor of the entire visual identities of our characters & Franka Klaric, Bonton's host
Me, Igor Knezevic, Matija Santro in between takes for the amazing and hillarious episode about cellphones in the toilet
One morning they killed my Ugg box
Antonio Jakupcevic & Monika Vuco, king and queen of selfies in the series
One insane day at National park Krka
Lucija Bulat - the most amazing woman ever and owner of one of my favourite restaurants - Bonaca in Skradin where we shot so many of our episodes
Antonio Jakupcevic
Aneta Matulic getting ready to start filming one of my favourite episodes *can't tell you more at the moment*
Franka Klaric in the hair & make-up department
And that's a wrap for today, we'll continue the story next week at the same time so stay tuned for more! 

You can watch BONTON through Monday-Friday on HRT1 around 18:05 and you can follow our adventures online, on HRTi where new episodes are added on a daily basis. Let me know what you think about it and which ones are your favourites so far :)


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